One Apple iPhone, Two Italian Carriers

One Apple iPhone, Two Italian Carriers


Up until now, the Apple iPhone has been limited to one carrier per country. In the United States, it’s just not possible to buy and activate the iPhone for anyone other than AT&T, unless you go through the process of jailbreaking and unlocking it yourself. You can take it to T-Mobile, but there will be zero carrier support for the iPhone.

The era of exclusivity for the iPhone appears to be coming to an end, because Italy may soon be treated to the iPhone from not one, but two different cellular providers. Vodafone announced that they would be bringing the iPhone to ten more countries, including Italy. As it turns out Telecom Italia is bringing the iPhone to Italy later this year too.

Two carriers. One iPhone. In fact, there are even rumor swirling around that there could be a third Italian provider “evaluating the market opportunity.” Does this mean that the iPhone is the new RAZR? In Italy, at least, it might be.