Is AT&T Working on a Skype Competitor?

Is AT&T Working on a Skype Competitor?


You may have noticed that some people are abandoning or supplementing their conventional phone services in favor of VoIP, largely because it can be much more affordable to make calls — both local and long distance — over Skype than it is to make the call over a landline or a cell phone.

It seems like the cellular guys are starting to fight back against the invasion of VoIP, because word is that AT&T is working on a Skype-like service for its subscribers. This new service is designed, as you can imagine, to compete directly against Skype’s popularity. Set to be available in 2009, the AT&T VoIP solution would also work on WiFi-enabled cell phones.

Wait, is this just AT&T’s take on Fido UNO or T-Mobile [email protected]?