Brando Bluetooth Headset is also a Stylus

Brando Bluetooth Headset is also a Stylus


We’ve experienced a huge range of convergence devices in our day. Our cell phones, for instance, are for so much more than just voice calls. We use them to take pictures, listen to music, surf the web, and open difficult jars of pasta sauce. Much of time, convergence offers some added utility and convenience. Today’s device… maybe not so much.

Brando has decided to marry the functionality of a Bluetooth headset with a stylus for your Tablet PC or touchscreen cell phone. If you are writing something on a touchscreen display, you have the device in your hands. If you are talking on the phone, you latch it onto your ear. I don’t see how this really adds any extra functionality, because you can’t expect to write with the stylus end while still talking on the headset end. That and this would make for one massive headset.

In any case, the Brando $30 stylus cum headset sells for $30.