UNO: Fido UMA Service Officially Launched Today

UNO: Fido UMA Service Officially Launched Today


Do you find that you are racking up way too many minutes on your cellular bill, despite the fact that so many of your calls are made from home? The Fido UNO service is meant to alleviate that concern. Operating in much the same way as [email protected] from T-Mobile, Fido UNO is a UMA service that seamlessly transfers voice calls from the cellular network to your home Wi-Fi network and back.

When you are at home and within range of your Internet-connected Wi-Fi network, the Fido phone will automatically latch onto that network and make all of its voice calls that way. When you step out for a cup of coffee, you go back to regular cellular service. All minutes used while on your home Wi-Fi network do not come out of your monthly plan.

At launch, there will be two Fido UNO price plans. The $15 option gets you unlimited local calling from home, whereas the $20 option comes with unlimited Canadian long-distance when calling from home. At this time, the only phone that can use this service is the Nokia 6301 candybar. Too bad you can’t use an unbranded Wi-Fi equipped phone instead. If you’re willing to wait, the Motorola Z6W will support Fido UNO as well.

It seems like an interesting idea, but the two-headed dog kind of freaks me out.