LG KM380 Music Phone Kicks It Old School

LG KM380 Music Phone Kicks It Old School


Oh man. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a flip phone with this kind of styling. It reminds of the days of the ancient Motorolas, like the legendary Motorola MicroTAC Elite. I guess the Koreans are inspired by something old too.

What we see here is the all new LG KM380 music phone, boasting a flip phone format that is nothing like modern day clamshells. The front flap covers up the numeric keypad, but unlike the MicroTAC, the flap on the KM380 is actually functional too. It has the five way navigator on there so that you can control your tunes without opening the flip phone. The audio experience is further enhanced by Mark Levinson, which repairs the loss of quality from MP3 files.

The KM380 music phone from LG is available now in China for about US$200.