Ford Sync-like System Coming to Hyundai in 2010

Ford Sync-like System Coming to Hyundai in 2010


You know Microsoft made that Ford Sync system for a number of Ford vehicles? It seems that the blue oval isn’t the only one interested in managing music and information. Across on the other side of the pond, Hyundai has apparently come to an agreement with Microsoft wherein the software developer will create a Sync-like system for their cars as well.

This “music and information system” is set to launch inside of Hyundai’s vehicles by the year 2010. There are no specific details as of yet, but we have every reason to believe that the music and information integration into the Hyundai cars will be eerily similar to the system that we are already seeing inside of Fords. As you know, Sync is also used for managing voice commands and cellular calls.

I just hope that Sonata and Genesis drivers don’t end up with the blue screen of death. What do you mean I performed an illegal operation?