Canadian Launch Details for Microsoft Zune

Canadian Launch Details for Microsoft Zune


Better late than never. Although Canadians never had the opportunity to enjoy the first-generation Microsoft Zune, they will soon be awash in second-generation music players from Microsoft. Not only has the date been thrown out there after months of hearing nothing more specific than “Spring 2008”, but Microsoft Canada has also announced pricing.

First off, the official launch date for the Microsoft Zune in Canada is June 13. That’s just a little over a month away, but I have a strange feeling that the Canadian launch of the Zune will be a little overshadowed by the impending unveiling of the highly anticipated 3G iPhone. We know the iPhone is coming to Canada; we just don’t know when.

In terms of pricing, the Zune 4GB, 8GB, and 80GB have been tagged at $139.99, $189.99, and $249.99, respectively.