Next-Generation Sidekick is the ZunePhone?

Next-Generation Sidekick is the ZunePhone?


Seeing how Apple has firmly established itself in the cellular market with the iPhone, it only makes sense that Microsoft would be working on a ZunePhone of their own. Microsoft isn’t new to the cell phone market, seeing how they power so many smartphones with Windows Mobile, but the ZunePhone would mark the first time that they really got involved in the hardware side of things.

It may have been a slip of the tongue, but Chris Stephenson, GM of Marketing for the Zune, said that they are looking for ways to work with Danger’s 250-man staff. As you recall, Microsoft bought Danger a short while back and this off-hand comment could very well point toward a ZunePhone that is powered by a Danger OS. This would make the ZunePhone much more consumer friendly than a WM-powered unit.

Yes, we realize that there is no confirmation of a ZunePhone project anywhere (without a retraction anyways), but we could be getting close.