Creative Vado Set to Compete Against Flip Video Camcorder

Creative Vado Set to Compete Against Flip Video Camcorder


The Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder has proven to be a very popular device among bloggers and other mobile movie-makers and it seems that Creative is ready to cash in on that same market. Just as the Asus Eee PC opened up the door to all sorts of other affordable subnotebooks, it seems that the Flip is doing the same thing for affordable video recording.

Chalk this one up as a rumor for now, but it seems that something called the Creative Vado is on the horizon and it will compete directly against the Flip. The Creative Vado is a VGA video camcorder with one-button recording, good low-light performance, two hours of storage on 2GB of memory, direct upload to YouTube or Photobucket, 2x zoom, rechargeable AA batteries, and a built-in flexible USB connector.

If you didnt know any better, you’d think that Creative just copy-pasted the specs from the Flip onto their own product. The key difference is that the Vado gets a 2-inch display, compared to the 1.5-inch found on the Flip. Stay tuned for more, but we hear that the Creative Vado Camcorder will sell for just $100 too.