BlackBerry 9000 Sans 3G = BlackBerry Niagara

BlackBerry 9000 Sans 3G = BlackBerry Niagara


All the CrackBerry addicts in the audience are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the BlackBerry 9000, but not everyone will really need the higher-speed connection offered by the 3G radio found within. It seems that Research in Motion has a version of the BlackBerry 9000 in the works that addresses this exact market, ripping out the 3G radio and renaming the device the BlackBerry Niagara.

As you may already know, the BlackBerry 9000 will be a fairly pricey handheld when it eventually finds its way into the market. By removing the 3G radio, RIM is able to cut a few costs and make a version of the phone a little more affordable for those who don’t need 3G.

In terms of specs, the Niagara will probably get a similar treatment as the 9000. Cosmetically, the Niagara has a whole new back shell and the front part has a larger bezel.