The Weirdest and Bulkiest Portable Computer to Date

The Weirdest and Bulkiest Portable Computer to Date


This handheld, if you can even call it that, looks like it was ripped right out of Area-51. This portable computer takes on an incredibly alien-like appearance, but it does come equipped with just about everything that you’d need for computing on the go. It has a full keyboard for typing, a trackball for navigating, and that itsy bitsy display is even a touchscreen.

We’ve seen some crazy gamer-centric keyboards released by enthusiastic companies in the past, but this is on the first to take the concept behind those keyboards and expand it into a full-fledged computer. Given the rising processing power of some of our favorite smartphone and UMPCs these days, I have a hard time justifying the added bulk of this UFO-inspired device.

The device, in case you’re wondering, is called the AlphaGrip HC and it’s supposed to be an “ergonomic, high speed, handheld computer.” Check out more info at the design contest page.