Bentley Continental DC Electric Roadster Concept

Bentley Continental DC Electric Roadster Concept


When I think of the name Bentley, I typically envision a higher-end luxury vehicle that has been outfitted with comfortable leather seats and all sorts of creature comforts. You’d imagine that with a vehicle like that, the level of friendliness to the environment is secondary. That said, with the rising price of fuel and the impending doom of global climate change, Bentley recognizes that they should probably do something.

Toyota might have its Prius and we may drool over the Tesla Roadster, but Bentley has an electric number of its own in the form of the Bentley Continental DC Electric Concept Car. From what we can gather, the Continental DC is a full-electric vehicle, so you will never have to pay a visit to the pump. They’ve made it incredibly lightweight — just 256 pounds! — so I’d imagine it’s pretty efficient with the electricity too.

The Bentley electric roadster won’t win any speed contests, because it only tops out at 40mph. At least you know that you’re doing your part to go green though.