Apple iPhone Gets Video Recording Application

Apple iPhone Gets Video Recording Application


Everyone seems to be in love with the Apple iPhone, despite its various shortcomings. For example, the iPhone is meant to replace your iPod in many ways, but given its wireless tendencies, it’s awfully strange to find a lack of stereo Bluetooth support. In like manner, the iPhone has a digital camera, but it is not able to record videos out of the box. This new application addresses this serious deficit.

Appropriately named iPhone Video Recorder, the application allows iPhone users to record video in compressed MP4 format. It’s not quite the DVD quality video that you can enjoy on some other handhelds — there’s no 30fps VGA movie clips here — but you are able to create video clips at a resolution of up to 320 x 412 pixels at 15fps.

As you can expect, iPhone Video Recorder will only work on jailbroken handsets. Add the “” repository to your Sources list and the app will be found under “Multimedia.” The demo caps the length of your clips to 30 seconds. To go beyond that, you’ll need to pay the developer a cool $19.95.