Video: Mazda2 Test Drive

Video: Mazda2 Test Drive


This hot little hatch is an award winner and I think it would be great if they started selling the compact car here in North America. As it stands, there are no plans to bring the Mazda2 over to our shores with the exception of the platform being used to underpin an America-bound Ford vehicle. With the relative size of the Mazda3 being a fair bit bigger than the Yaris and Versa, the Mazda2 would be a good fit for fuel-conscious consumers.

To give us a closer look at the Mazda2, Jonny Smith from Fifth Gear takes the hot hatch out for a road test. As you can imagine, the Mazda2 is far from being any sort of speed demon, getting its standard power from a MZR 1.3L four-cylinder engine, developing something in the neighborhood of 75 horsepower. If you’re willing to pony up to the “high power” version, you get 86hp. The range-topping option is a 1.5L that outputs 103hp.

If they were to ever transplant the Mazda2 over to North America, they would surely need to beef up those numbers. Not too many people around these parts are interested in cars with sub-100hp ratings.