AT&T Mobile TV in Action on LG Vu (Video)

AT&T Mobile TV in Action on LG Vu (Video)


The MediaFLO-powered Mobile TV service from AT&T is set to launch a little later this month, so in anticipation of our upcoming addiction to portable TV, let’s have a look at what that experience would be like. In the video clip embedded below, you can see the LG Vu — one of two phones whose launch will coincide with the release of AT&T Mobile TV — handling the mobile television thing.

It’s not like anything in this video is coming out of left field, because we’ve already been shown a couple previews of this upcoming mobile television service during CTIA some time back. Crunchgear expects to have a full review of the AT&T Mobile TV service “in the coming days”, but thus far, they have been frustrated with the LG Vu itself.

They say that the “touchscreen seems super flimsy and calibrating the screen didn’t go so well, either.” Let’s hope that this is just an initial concern and one that will be addressed before the retail launch of AT&T Mobile TV.