Transforming Windows Mobile into iPhone with iSwish (Video)

Transforming Windows Mobile into iPhone with iSwish (Video)


If you happen to be rocking a Windows Mobile handheld and you want to get in some crazy iPhone action, the transition has been made easier than ever. The name of the application is iSwish and what it does is swap out the clunky Windows Mobile interface, replacing it with a user experience that mirrors that found on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

This is just in terms of appearance and the layout of the icons either. iSwish provides nearly all the cool things you’ll find on the iPhone UI, including “rubber band-like scrolling, jiggly icons, screen flicking, SummerBoard themes, and even simulated multi-touch pinching of photos.” That’s right. You can even get in on some multi-touch action… sort of.

Check out the video below for a closer look at the iSwish application and how well it mimics the world of Cupertino.