Is the SMT 5700 Ever Making it to AT&T?

Is the SMT 5700 Ever Making it to AT&T?


We’ve seen this smartphone kicking around on AT&T rebate sheets for about a year now and yet the SMT 5700 has yet to launch with the wireless provider. Well, word is that they are finally getting around to releasing this budget-minded QWERTY phone to the public and it couldn’t come any sooner. The trouble is that because it’s been delayed so much, the SMT 5700 isn’t all that desirable anymore.

Originally, the plan was to sell the SMT 5700 last year at a price of about $99 with a qualifying contract, but seeing how people can easily get their hands on a BlackJack II or Palm Centro these days, an unknown SMT device might not go over quite as well. It also doesn’t help that they seemingly have not upgraded the specs since we first saw this phone many moons ago.

This means that you get a 2 megapixel camera, microSD slot, and EDGE data to go with Windows Mobile 5. Hopefully, they at least upgrade the operating system to something a little more recent.