Linux-Powered Asus Eee PC Bundled With MS Office

Linux-Powered Asus Eee PC Bundled With MS Office


It’s because of times like these that you know the marketing department is not in touch with the product development and IT departments. BT is the name of an online store in the UK and they’ve decided to offer their customers a great value. Unfortunately, the great value makes absolutely no sense.

When you buy the Asus Eee PC — the version powered by Linux OS, mind you — you have the opportunity to grab a discounted copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student to go with it. There are three problems with this proposed bundle offer. First, MS Office does not work in Linux. Second, the Linux-loving Eee already has Open Office pre-installed. Third, the savings achieved by this bundle amount to just £1.76. That’s about three bucks. Great deal, BT!

I guess the sales and marketing team got the Linux Eee PC a little confused with the version that comes powered by Windows XP. Even so, a three dollar savings? Seriously?