Half a Million iPhones Sold in Russia Thus Far

Half a Million iPhones Sold in Russia Thus Far


It doesn’t seem to matter if the iPhone is not officially sold in any given country, because the true Apple enthusiasts inevitably find ways to get their multi-touch thing going on. Before today’s announcement, Canadians were in much the same boat, but where else is the iPhone finding itself these days?

According to the Mobile Research Group in Moscow, there are approximately a half million iPhone users in Russia, a country where Apple is not officially selling its touchscreen mobile phone. This data comes by way of Russia’s cell phone operators. As you can imagine, the phones are being imported from the United States and then they get flipped for nearly double the American price. Today, you can buy an iPhone in Russia for $700. That’s still cheaper than the $1,800 asking price from last year.

Interestingly, some of Russia’s most prominent politicians have been spotted using an iPhone. In fact, Cupertino’s cell phone “has reportedly become commonplace at the Kremlin and in the corridors of Russia’s parliament.”