Buy the Unreleased BlackBerry 9000 Today?

Buy the Unreleased BlackBerry 9000 Today?


Even though Research in Motion has yet to formally announce and release the upcoming BlackBerry 9000, that doesn’t mean that you can’t start rocking the newest addition to the CrackBerry family today. As it turns out, you can already snatch up a BlackBerry 9000 on eBay, thanks to the handful of prototype units that have been leaked in the general populace.

Among the features that the eBay seller lists are 3G high-speed connectivity, EDGE data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These, among other features, are pretty much in line with what we’ve already heard about the upcoming business-minded handheld. Unfortunately, the auction has since been pulled from eBay for whatever reason. Maybe RIM got to them.

I guess you’ll still have to wait for the official launch date for the BlackBerry 9000, which is scheduled to arrive some time this August.