Brand New HTC Touch Cell Phone Next Month

Brand New HTC Touch Cell Phone Next Month


One of the first phones to compete directly against the Apple iPhone with the appropriately named HTC Touch. Since then, the Taiwanese manufacturer has gone on to make a couple different variants of the handset — the HTC Touch Dual and the HTC Touch Cruise — but they’re not quite done with the Touch moniker just yet. High Tech Computer (HTC) has just announced that they will be launching a new “Touch” phone next month. This will help them grow revenue this year by more than 20% year-over-year.

HTC, as you may already know, is the world’s biggest maker of phones running on Windows Mobile. No specific details were released for this upcoming HTC Touch 2 (so to speak), so we’re left wondering how the company will go about innovating the product in such a way to better compete against the Apple iPhones, LG Pradas, and other touchscreen phones available today.

“This is the most important product for HTC this year,” said HTC financial executive Cheng Hui-ming. “With this phone, we’re confident of landing orders from most major operators.”

UPDATE: Turns out the new HTC phones could be the Raphael and Diamond, which will become the Touch Pro and Touch Diamond, respectively. More information at