Lenovo U110 Little Laptop Starts Shipping Tomorrow

Lenovo U110 Little Laptop Starts Shipping Tomorrow


While it’s not nearly as compact as the Asus Eee PC, the Lenovo U110 certainly packs much more of a punch and it’s going on sale as of tomorrow. As you may have heard during CES in January, the Lenovo U110 is a compact notebook that boasts an 11-inch display.

Branded as an IdeaPad, the Lenovo U110 can get treated to a 1.6GHz Intel Centrino processor, a hard drive with up to 120GB of storage, up to 3GB of RAM, and an integrated webcam for all your video chatting and video podcasting desires. The greatest thing about this small laptop is that Lenovo has kept the weight to an absolute minimum, getting the U110 to tip the scales at a mere 2.3 pounds.

Better still, you can keep computing on this lappy for up to eight hours at a time before having to look for a power outlet. Unfortunately, the price tag isn’t quite as lightweight. The Lenovo U110 will retail with prices starting at $1,899 when it goes on sale tomorrow.