Gekko and Aspen: T-Mobile Sidekick 4 Coming Soon?

Gekko and Aspen: T-Mobile Sidekick 4 Coming Soon?


The Sidekick line of messaging-oriented devices has been very successful for T-Mobile. Following up on the Sidekick LX, Sidekick 3, and Sidekick Slide are two more SK handhelds coming this summer. Codenamed Sidekick Gekko and Sidekick Aspen, these two devices will likely boast similar form factors to the existing line.

This means that you will get a full QWERTY keyboard and a large display of some kind, as long as a whole whack of pre-installed messaging applications. The current rumor says that the Sidekick Gekko will hit shelves on July 27th and then the Sidekick Aspen will follow shortly afterwards on July 30th.

There is a distinct possibility that either or both of the new Sidekicks will come with support for the T-Mobile [email protected] service, marking the first time that a Sidekick would come with Wi-Fi. Alternatively, Gekko and Aspen could be little more than color variants of existing models. Stay tuned, as more information will surely present itself before the supposed end of July launch dates.