BMW M1 Concept Much More Aggressive Than M3, M5

BMW M1 Concept Much More Aggressive Than M3, M5


The name of this particular concept vehicle is certainly misleading, because the BMW M1 concept fits more in line with the Lamborghinis and Ferraris of the world. While the M3 is a more aggressive version of the 3-series from BMW, the M1 does not bear any resemblance to the 1-series whatsoever.

The concept was officially unveiled by BMW a short while back and it seems to be pointing toward the possibility of an upcoming mid-engine sports car from Bavarian Motorwerks. Although the technical specifications have not yet been released, I’d imagine that BMW wants to place itself right alongside some of the best German and Italian supercars on the market with this creation.

As it stands, this particular vehicle does not yet have an interior, so it’s still really early in the design stages. BMW han’t even mentioned anything about powertrain possibilities for the M1 Hommage. But look at what they can do with this…