Apple iPhone Goes Stealthy Thanks to Colorware

Apple iPhone Goes Stealthy Thanks to Colorware


It’s not quite the same thing as the 3G iPhone, but you might be able to fool some of your friends by showing off an iPhone with a matte black finish on the back. The good people at Colorware are back to their color-swapping ways again, this time taking aim at not only the iPhone, but also the provided docking station and headphone!

The idea is that instead of going around town with a gawdy chrome and silver Apple iPhone, you can blend into the background with a matte black iPhone. It’s supposed to be all stealthy and such, but I’d imagine that a black iPhone could attract even more attention than the original. The paint job doesn’t come cheap either.

Instead of paying $399 or $499 for a regular iPhone, you get stuck with a bill of $675 or $775, depending on the capacity of your choosing. For that premium, you get a “free” docking station and set of headphones too.