Sprint Launches Sanyo Katana LX Clamshell

Sprint Launches Sanyo Katana LX Clamshell


In keeping both fashionable and functional, the Sanyo Katana LX comes with a decent feature set and then it’s all dressed up in a reasonably attractive (and colorful) shell. Recently announced by the good people at Sprint, the Katana LX follows in the flipping tradition of previous Katana phones. The clamshell is far from being the smallest phone in the market, but they say that it has quite the slim profile.

Looking up and down the spec sheet, you’ll discover that the Sprint-branded Sanyo Katana LX gets equipped with a high-quality speakerphone, Bluetooth wireless technology, GPS navigation, a VGA camera, and Sanyo’s unique call screening feature. The nifty thing is that while it looks like the Katana LX lacks an external display, it’s actually hiding that info with an OLED outer display. This is similar to some Sony Walkman MP3 players.

The Sanyo Katana LX will be available through Sprint “soon” with an asking price of about $50, provided that you’ll sign a new contract with them.