Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath (with my PSP)

Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath (with my PSP)


We’ve seen a wide assortment of waterproof cases for just about every technological gizmo on the planet, but this bath bag for the PSP has got to be one of the most low-tech solutions I’ve seen to date. It doesn’t have a clever silicon seal and it doesn’t adhere to military standards for water resistance. Instead, it’s a glorified zip-lock bag.

The Cyber Gadget Bag, available here, is a plastic bag that has been designed for the Sony PlayStation Portable. The idea is that you are still able to press the buttons and see the screen, but none of that wet stuff will get access to the valuable electronics housed within. With the exception of the funky cord and blue accent at the top, this just looks like another plastic bag.

The scary thing is that products like this have been made for cell phones for ages in Japan, so it’s only a natural progression to include gaming devices into the mix as well. I wonder if it’d work for the DS. Would the touchscreen still be functional?