Order a Ballpark Frank From the Bleachers with a DS (Video)

Order a Ballpark Frank From the Bleachers with a DS (Video)


The next time you head out to Safeco Field to catch a Seattle Mariners baseball game, make sure you bring your Nintendo DS along. That’s because the baseball club and Nintendo have teamed up for something called the Nintendo Fan Network. While sitting in your seat and enjoying the game, you will have access to a wide range of goodies on your touchscreen-equipped portable gaming machine.

From the main menu, you’ll be able to access some baseball trivia, check out MLB player stats, tap into the broadcast video, and — best of all — even order food and have it delivered to you. That sure beats waiting in line with the rest of the schmucks for a hot dog and a Coke.

It used to be that if you wanted to access the Nintendo Fan Network service that it would cost you about five bucks. Well, they’ve made it even more affordable. The price has now been set at a whopping zero dollars and zero cents. Good deal.