TokyoPop Mobile Manga Crashes onto the Scene

TokyoPop Mobile Manga Crashes onto the Scene


My girlfriend is totally into manga and anime, but she hasn’t really had the opportunity to enjoy the oversized eyes and dramatic battles on her cell phone just yet. That may soon change, because TokyoPop, publisher of countless popular manga series, has announced an exclusive agreement with GoComics to bring many new manga titles to mobile phones.

There are three ways to get your hands on some mobile manga. The first configuration set up by TokyoPop and GoComics will have you accessing the hand-drawn stories via the mobile web. Alternatively, you can download the GoComics Mobile Manga + Comics application. The last option would be to use a standalone TokyoPop mobile Internet deck.

The goal of this partnership is to bring GoComics/TokyoPop stories to every comic fan with a mobile phone. This includes iPhones and smartphones, and the manga can be read for free with ads. Ad-free versions are available through subscription too.