FCC Outs the Motorola A810 Touchscreen Cell Phone

FCC Outs the Motorola A810 Touchscreen Cell Phone


Moto hasn’t made any official announcement concerning the Motorola A810, but this touchscreen cell phone has gone through its paces at the almighty FCC. We came across a few spy shots earlier, but now we can see the A810 in all its non-blurry glory.

Like other Motorola smartphones, the Motorola A810 gets powered by a Linux-based operating system. Like the MOTOMING, the A810 lacks a physical keyboard, opting instead for a pure touchscreen-based interface. There are a couple of critical touch-sensitive controls under the screen as well, which work in a similar fashion as certain Samsung MP3 players.

No official specs have been released, obviously, but we hear that the A810 comes with a stylus that is stored in the back, a virtual QWERTY keyboard for text input, handwriting recognition, and a 2 megapixel camera. Check out the more detailed info at the FCC.