Volkswagen Has Cars That Park Themselves Remotely

Volkswagen Has Cars That Park Themselves Remotely


The automatic parking system from Lexus is pretty impressive already, but Volkswagen is doing them one better. Under the VW system, the driver doesn’t even need to be in the car. Furthermore, the VW Park Assist Vision (PAV) parking system can park in perpendicular spots (like in a parking lot) as well as parallel spots on the street.

The ability to automatically park the car without actually being in the driver’s seat means that you can squeeze into the tightest of spots without having to worry about opening the door. The two cars flanking you on either side may have some difficulty though.

Set to be unveiled later this week at Hanover Fair in Germany, the PAV parking system from Volkswagen — which is still in its prototype stages — is the evolution of the existing Park Assist system available on some VW models. The hardware involved include ultrasonic sensors, electro-mechanical steering gear, and a 2GHz computer. Once the car is nice and ensconced in its spot, the engine shuts off and the doors are locked. And this all done via remote control.