S60 Phones Get Loaded with WeatherBug Widget

S60 Phones Get Loaded with WeatherBug Widget


The Apple iPhone may come with a series of preloaded widgets that grant you access to a variety of material online, but the rest of the smartphone world has some solutions of its own as well. If you’re the proud owner of an S60 Nokia cell phone, you can now grab the WeatherBug S60 widget, which “utilizes Nokia’s latest Web Runtime Technology (WRT) to bring local weather info to your phone.”

Available directly through weatherbug.com and via Nokia’s Download store, the WeatherBug S60 widget takes care of all the basics like providing wind speed, temperature, and weather forecasts across the nation (and the world). Nokia plans on pre-installing the widget on select future phones and you will be able to access the weather info directly from the S60 idle screen.

Other useful data offered by the WeatherBug include detailed seven day forecasts, radar and satellite imagery, and camera images from WeatherBug’s proprietary weather network. Just make sure you have a decent data plan before you go surfing around for the weather in Helsinki.