Industry First: Helio Gets Push Email via Gmail

Industry First: Helio Gets Push Email via Gmail


Ever since the arrival of the BlackBerry line of devices many moons ago, business users have grown accustomed to push email. There was no need to check up on the servers every 15 minutes, because messages would be received in real time. Regrettably, a similar solution has not been developed for the consumer side of things. That is, until now.

Helio has just announced that it is the first wireless carrier to offer push Gmail. That’s right, push email from your Gmail account straight to your Helio device. The service will work with the Helio Ocean, Mysto, or Fin and you have access to something called the “ultimate inbox” feature.

This gives you IMAP access to your Gmail account, but you may notice that when you check your account, you will be asked if you want to enable push. Simply respond with a “yes” and you’ll be pushing email messages all over the place. I wonder how long it will take before other carriers get to enjoy some push Gmail action.