Ricoh G600 Takes Pictures Under All Conditions

Ricoh G600 Takes Pictures Under All Conditions


It’s water-resistant. It’s dust-proof. And it looks kind of like a toddler’s toy. The Ricoh G600 is supposed to be one of the most rugged digital cameras on the market, resisting shock and the rest of Mother Nature’s wrath like it was nothing. It’s built tough for tough situations.

In terms of non-toughness specs, the Ricoh G600 comes with a ten-megapixel image sensor, 5x zoom, flash with a ten-meter range, 52MB internal memory, 2.7-inch high definition display, VGA videos at 30fps, and it can shoot pictures up to one meter underwater.

The thing about all this ruggedness, however, is that it comes at a fairly hefty price. The retail price on the Ricoh G600 has been set at 350GBP, which works out to about $700. That’s inching toward DSLR territory!