iPod Gets Stereo Bluetooth with JayBird JB-200 Headset

iPod Gets Stereo Bluetooth with JayBird JB-200 Headset


Cut those cords! A2DP stereo Bluetooth isn’t exactly new technology anymore, but most portable MP3 players do not grant you the ability to cut the cords right out of the box. The JayBird JB-200 Bluetooth Stereo Headset looks more like a pair of mono Bluetooth headsets that have been strung together with a cable that dangles behind your neck, but this design might actually be more practical and versatile that something that has a headband.

The JB-200 is the successor to the JayBird JB-100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset, improving the fit and sound isolation, while boosting the bass and extended the behind-the-neck cord. It also comes with AVRCP music/call controls, so you don’t have to go reaching in your pocket to swap tunes.

In order for this $130 headset to work with your non-Bluetooth digital media player, you’ll need to invest in the stereo MP3 adapter, which goes for about $30.