Alltel Gets BlackBerry Curve on May 1

Alltel Gets BlackBerry Curve on May 1


Because most of the world gets their cellular fix through GSM networks, the CDMA side of things is typically pretty slow at getting the latest handsets. The BlackBerry Curve, in all its different incarnations, has been available to GSM providers for some time. Now it’s heading to the CDMA-ness of Alltel.

The version destined for the shelves of Alltel is dubbed the BlackBerry Curve 8330. It boasts an awesome titanium-colored finish that will surely be the envy of all the silver Curve owners in the audience. In terms of features, the Alltel Curve is on par with the AT&T Curve. It gets GPS but leaves Wi-Fi out of the mix.

Look for the Alltel-branded BlackBerry Curve to hit shelves on May 1st with an asking price of $230. That’s with a two-year contract.