Ultra Fresh iPod Nano Case is Really Beefy

Ultra Fresh iPod Nano Case is Really Beefy


I’m all for expressing yourself when it comes to portable electronics, but there’s just something about carrying a piece of raw beef in your pocket that rubs me the wrong way. Hopping over to Japan, you can find the Ruby Pod Rare case for the third-generation Apple iPod nano.

Based on the picture, it looks like they crafted a protective case for the nano out of finely marbled beef, sliced ultra-thin so that it’s ready for some shabu shabu. Or beef teriyaki. Realistically, it’s (hopefully) more likely that they just made a silicon case that looks like a slab of meat.

To complete the beefy experience, the Ruby Pod Rare case actually comes packaged in styrofoam tray with saran wrap on top, not unlike how you would go about buying some meat from the supermarket. Pick one up for about $70.