Motorola Texel is Really the Motorola E10 Music Phone

Motorola Texel is Really the Motorola E10 Music Phone


It seems that Motorola wants to approach the same market as the Apple iPhone, LG Prada, and other similar devices, because what we see here is the Motorola E10 music phone with a full touchscreen display. The E10, which will likely fall under the ROKR family of handsets, was previously leaked with a codename of Texel. Now it has a name that falls in line with the rest of the company.

The Motorola E10 has a large touchscreen display, but it also seems to have a full numeric keypad underneath. This will make dialing and texting a little easier for people who don’t like virtual keyboards. Other rumored specs include a 3G connection, integrated WiFi, and a 3 megapixel camera. Given its ROKR tendencies, it’ll have a music and video player too.

Chalk this one up in the rumor column for now, but it looks like the Motorola E10 could be a rather attractive phone when and if it ever launches.