Wanna Send Free International Text Messages?

Wanna Send Free International Text Messages?


If you have friends from all around the world and it’s just too expensive to pick up the phone and call them, you could send them a text message instead. Even then, there is usually a premium for sending a text message across borders. What if you could reduce that price to zero dollars and zero cents?

Expanding their existing services to new heights, Jaxtr is offering members the opportunity to send free SMS to mobile phones in 38 different countries. You won’t be able to do this through your phone, but if you log into the Jaxtr website, you can send the SMS from there. Jaxtr is already known as a number-hiding service wherein users can “hear from callers worldwide while keeping their existing phone number private.”

An account with Jaxtr is free and it’s handy that you can send text messages to non-Jaxtr members too.