Broken USB Cable is Really a Flash Drive

Broken USB Cable is Really a Flash Drive


This is bound to fool a few people around you, because it’s going to look like someone decided to tear your USB cable in half, leaving you with shreds of wiring. Little do they know, however, that this broken USB cable is really a USB flash drive in disguise.

In a rather simple DIY project — instructions here — the leftover chunk of a standard USB cable is converted into a useful USB flash drive with however much memory you want to stash in there. It’s a great little gag, especially when your co-workers see you working off of the, uh, cable.

You won’t want to use expensive parts for this project, because you are effectively destroying both a USB cable and a flash drive to form this creation. The original modder opted for an el cheapo $10 KingMax drive from eBay and a cable for $1.50.