Palette Swap: Nokia 6500 Classic in Silver

Palette Swap: Nokia 6500 Classic in Silver


Normally, when a cell phone manufacturer decides to revitalize one of their models with a splash of color, they go for something a little bolder. They may opt for red or pink to attract the ladies, for example. Not Nokia. The Finnish phonemaker knows a thing or two about understated elegance, so that’s why the latest color option for the Nokia 6500 Classic isn’t orange, purple, or green; the Nokia 6500 Classic will soon come in silver.

This is in addition to the two pre-existing options for the hot candybar, which is currently selling in black and bronze flavors. Other than the changing of the casing color, it seems that the silver Nokia 6500 Classic is functionally identical to its older siblings. Some retailers in the UK are already taking preorders for the silver phone, so I guess this pseudo-leak is pretty legitimate.

No indication has been made regarding pricing, but I’d imagine that the silver Nokia 6500 Classic will retail for the same price as its black and bronze brethren. Is an all-silver 6500 Slide in the works too?