Make Fifty Bucks for Buying Samsung UpStage

Make Fifty Bucks for Buying Samsung UpStage


Here’s a strange reversal of fortune for you. Instead of paying big bucks for a cool cell phone, you can now get your hands on the Samsung UpStage… and they’ll pay you fifty bucks to do it. It’s certainly not the newest phone, but the dual-screen, double-sided functionality is still pretty nifty.

If you head on over to, you can grab a Samsung UpStage for zero dollars and then they’ll provide you with a $50 rebate. That money can then be spent on a protective case, a high-capacity microSD card, or maybe you’ll save it up to pay for your first bill.

You see, the caveat is that you have to sign up for a new contract with Sprint before they’ll give you an UpStage for free. Nothing in life is completely free, now is it…