Danger Sold to Microsoft: Confirmed and Completed

Danger Sold to Microsoft: Confirmed and Completed


Even though the Sidekick line has enjoyed quite a high level of success over the years, it’s starting to get overshadowed by other Internet-connected cell phones on the market. We all know about the emergence of the iPhone and other devices that are eating into the Sidekick’s market share. So, now what?

Microsoft has officially announced that they have completed their acquisition of Danger, the company behind the delicious operating system underlying all Sidekick devices. Even though Microsoft is now the full owner of Danger, the Danger offices in San Francisco will remain untouched. That said, members of the team will be joining the Premium Mobile Experiences Group at Microsoft. The group focuses on “consumer-facing mobile products.”

Danger co-founders Britt and Hersenson are optimistic about the outlook of this arrangement. “As we combine our team and technologies with Microsoft, we see a clear path to evolving that experience and delivering it to an even broader group of consumers.”