New Verizon Messaging Plans Available Sans Voice

New Verizon Messaging Plans Available Sans Voice


Some people just don’t like picking up the phone and having an actual voice conversation, so Verizon has come up with a series of plans that are catering exactly to this audience. The new messaging plans don’t come with any voice minutes whatsoever, but they come loaded with all sorts of text-based communication.

For consumer devices, they have a messaging plan that goes for $35 a momth and it comes with unlimited text, picture, and video messaging, as well as unlimited instant messaging, mobile web, and data. For an extra five bucks, you can add unlimited email as well, but since you have mobile web, you can probably access your mail that way. Voice minutes are 40 cents each.

When it comes to BlackBerry and PDA devices, Verizon Wireless has a plan that goes for $55 a month and you get all of the above mentioned goodies, as well as unlimited email. There’s a premium for that QWERTY and/or smartphone goodness, but the voice minutes on this plan are a little cheaper: 25 cents each.