Lenovo Olympic USB Flash Drive Gets Torched

Lenovo Olympic USB Flash Drive Gets Torched


Even though countless protesters have been following the Olympic torch around as it makes its way to Beijing for the summer, Lenovo is still fully supporting the games in China. Preparing for the upcoming Olympic games, Lenovo has created a special 2008 Beijing Olympics version of their USB flash drive.

As you can see, red and silver serve as the primary colors for its design. You get the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games logo in the center and then it is surrounded by some swirly cloud design in red. As you can imagine, the drive is being targeted at the China market, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find some of these end up on eBay or something for international customers.

Then again, we should probably expect to find some Chinese knockoffs of this Chinese flash drive too. They’ll say it’s by Lonovo or Lenevo or something.