iPhone Gaming Just Got Really Dope

iPhone Gaming Just Got Really Dope


Despite not having the approval of many concerned parents across the country (or possibly because of it), Dope Wars has become one of the world’s most popular turn-based strategy games. You can now take the Dope Wars drug-dealing simulation on the road with the arrival of iDope for the Apple iPhone.

A native application available through Installer, iDope is “an amazing accurate port of the popular Dope Wars game.” You get all the features that you’ve grown accustomed to, including the ability to “pay off loan shark loans, location hopping, a wide variety of ‘product’ to choose from, randomized police chases,” and much more. There’s even a “hospital” option for treating your injuries.

Because the iPhone has no trouble hopping online, the developers have also included an online global leaderboard. This works via wkLive, an online gaming community catered toward iPhone users.