Review: Speck Hardshell Case for the Apple MacBook Pro Line

Review: Speck Hardshell Case for the Apple MacBook Pro Line


What’s worse than having your precious new shiny smooth MacBook Pro scuffed up? Probably having an old scratched up MacBook Pro listed on eBay.

Speck, the “Best case scenario” has a new line of hardshell cases for your MacBooks. Whether it may be a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or a MacBook 13”, there is a case that fits. I dropped Speck a line thinking, sure, I will give this thing a shot. Usually with these cases they don’t fit quite right or they are made of some flimsy material that you end up recycling in a few weeks anyway. Not this one. It fits totally snug, no movement in between.

I went for the green edition since I’m all earth-friendly and stuff. It looks rad, my fiancé thought I went out and bought another computer. Its not going to shock-proof your MacBook, but it will provide a bit added protection, more of a cosmetic protector to prevent the already rugged aluminum from getting dinged and scraped. Worth the $50 investment for your $2000+ machine. If green isn’t up your tree, then Speck also has Clear, Red, Blue, Pink, Black, Orange, Aqua and Purple.

The underside has good vents for letting any hot air out. There are also four black rubber feet that give you a few millimeters boost for increased air circulation. No access to the battery compartment, however there are slots to access all input and output jacks, even for the remote IR.

Speck’s SeeThru hardshell case for the Apple MacBook line does add some character to your thin silver notebook, not just protection. The product is well made and durable, definitely worth looking into if you hate scratched up notebooks, or just would like more colour. It even comes with a nice monitor screen cloth.