Portable Projector Relies on MicroSD Cards For Content

Portable Projector Relies on MicroSD Cards For Content


Maybe you don’t have room for a monstrous LCD screen in your corporate boardroom. Maybe you just can’t wedge a huge plasma TV into your cramped bachelor pad. While the picture quality won’t be quite as nice as some other units on the market, this Micro SD Card Projector is remarkably compact and, as its name implies, can project content loaded onto a microSD memory card.

Well, they say that it takes microSD memory cards, but the picture below seems to depict a standard SD card instead. Maybe my eyes are deceiving me. In any case, it’ll take all those photos, movies, and music that you have loaded on the card and project it out for your nearest buddies to enjoy. If you prefer, it can also take a standard RCA input from a DVD player, gaming console, or what have you.

Power comes by way of four AA batteries and the projector can blast an image as large as 40 x 33-inches. Buy it at DrinkStuff.com for $197.