Ford Blind Spot Monitoring System Prevents Accidents

Ford Blind Spot Monitoring System Prevents Accidents


Shoulder check. You should always shoulder check when changing lanes. It seems that not enough people are adhering to this basic practice that they probably learned when they first learned to drive. In an effort to keep us safer (and sell more cars), Ford Motor Company has developed something that they call the Blind Spot Monitoring System. Can you take a guess what it does?

Set to launch in early 2009, the Ford Blind Spot Monitoring System consists of a series of radars that track vehicles in a driver’s blind spot. If there’s a car there, a visual indicator will light up on the side view mirror and the Ford will emit some sort of audible alert. Presumably, this system only kicks in when you switch on the turn signal or start to change lanes.

That’s not the only tech that the blue oval plans on introducing. They’re also working on a Cross Traffic Alert system that will “help drivers when backing out of a parking spot and can detect other vehicles within 65 feet of either side of the rear bumper” and a small mirror that fits within the sideview mirror, working much like those fisheye mirrors of the 80s.