Buy a Ferrari (Phone) For Under $200

Buy a Ferrari (Phone) For Under $200


Despite what some people may lead you to believe, I cannot afford to buy a Ferrari. It would be nice to take out any of those crazy Italian supercars out for a spin around the block, but it’s just nothing that would fit into my budget. Chances are, I’m not alone in this little conundrum.

If you’re the kind of person who likes Ferrari-branded laptops and you have Ferrari posters plastered all over your bedroom wall, you’ll fall in love with this Ferrari cell phone. As far as I can tell, this is totally unofficial and unlicensed, but what you get is a novelty phone shaped like a Ferrari supercar.

The features, beyond the roaring engine and 0% tinted windows, include a 2.2-inch touchscreen, music and video player, microSD expansion slot, and a spare wheel where the earpiece should be. I’m not sure where you can get it, but Chip Chick says it retails for 96.54 GBP, which works out to about $190.